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Aims and Values

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Rathen School Aims


• Provide a planned curriculum, which gives breadth balance ensuring integration, continuity and progression in line with the A Curriculum for Excellence.

• Encourage each child to reach his/her full potential through assessment, early intervention and pupil tracking.

Learning and Teaching
• Provide opportunities for quality learning which meet pupils’ needs at an appropriate pace in a stimulating and motivating environment.

Support for Pupils
• Recognise that the health and well being of pupils and staff is at the heart of our school. An inclusive approach provides for the emotional, physical and social needs of all pupils and staff, in co-operation with other agencies.

• Provide a welcoming and secure environment promoting an ethos of achievement through high expectations and enterprise. Develop partnership with pupils, parents, parent groups and the wider community encouraging involvement in learning and the life of the school.

• Provide a variety of resources to facilitate effective learning and teaching. Management, Leadership and Quality Assurance
• Implement the school improvement plan and deliver a high quality of education through effective leadership and teamwork sharing the same vision of continuous self evaluation
and improvement.


Rathen School Values

Eco Friendly
Never Stop Believing